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Garden Enclave

The Luxury of big-city living combined with the peace of life in the country side. That's the philosophy on which Garden Enclave has been designed.

The luxury of 24-hour water supply, the peace of waking up to the trilling of songbirds at your windowsill. The luxury of uninterrupted water supply, the peace of an after-dinner strolls on traffic-free, superbly maintained roads. The luxury of round-the-clock security personnel, the peace of a warm and caring neighborhood where the young as well as the aged have complete freedom of movement. The luxury of being mere minutes away from major educational, medical, religious, commercial and entertainment centres, the peace of clean air and green surroundings.

Garden Enclave nestles in 72 acres of beautifully landscaped areas embedded with parks, and a further 30-40 acres will be developed in the vicinity every year. Imagine living in such an environment in your dream house (plot sizes range from 100 to 500 sq yds) built exactly according to your needs to a park just yards away for an invigorating early morning jog or a gentle walk along brilliantly-hued flower beds and broad-canopied trees.

Created by a team of highly-qualified architects and planners, Garden Enclave is designed to be self-sufficient housing colony that will provide every amenity at your doorstep. A plot in garden Enclave is your ticket to a lifestyle that will ensure a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Licence No. LDC 2002/88 dated 04.01.2002

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