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Corporate Social Responsibility


The Nanhi Chhaan Foundation is a not for profit organization set up with the objective of addressing three important issues on the social agenda of the country relating to an adverse gender ratio, environmental degradation and secularism. The objectives of the foundation are to wholesomely address these issues and to restore nature's balance. We believe that if the gender ratio is not corrected Indian society will likely face unacceptable consequences in the future as will be the case if Mother earth is not protected through the preservation of its tree cover. If life and society's fabric is to be protected it is imperative that we protect our little girls, who grow up to be mothers, and protect tree cover to maintain the planet's health. Both are universal mothers who need our help and compassion. The Foundation will reach out to all Peoples and institutions across all Faiths and institutions of civil society to achieve its objectives.

Patrons of great eminence guide the Foundation and inspirational support is available from institutions like Schools, CII, Hospitals, Save The Children, World Wide Fund, most Faiths, CRPF, State Governments and inspiringly from a growing number of citizens. Harpal Singh, Mentor and Chairman Emeritus Fortis HealthCare and Chairman of the Impact Group is the Chairman of the Foundation.

Nanhi Chhaan has touched a sensitive cord across all sections of society as is evident from the response it has evoked since it's launch on 27th Aug 2008. Starting from the Golden Temple, launches have been held from schools, colleges, Industry, hospitals, CRPF, Villages and from places of worship which include Cathedrals, Temples, Mosques and Gurudwara. Partnerships with the press as for instance the NDTV - Greenathon are expanding reach to further awareness and generate commitment.

NANHI CHHAAN HAS ALL THE MAKINGS OF A NATIONAL MOVEMENT Nanhi Chhaan needs the help of Governments, Industry, NGO's, Civil Society and individual citizens. Your help is valued and valuable. Stand up and be a supporter.

Galliara Complex
Impact Projects Private Limited also strives to serve the present day challenges faced by society, especially when it comes to ecological issues, by undertaking specific projects from time to time. A recent example of this is the free maintenance service of the Galliara Complex in the periphery of the Golden Temple. In just six months the Company has transformed the Galliara, to a ‘must-visit destination’ both by the people living in the vicinity and the visitors of Golden Temple from all over the world. The Sacred Galliara has at last been restored its lost glory through the untiring and continuing efforts of the Impact Projects’ Team.

The Nanhi Chhaan Foundation
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