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MYST – Eco Luxury Residences

Myst is India’s first residential development designed using biophilic architecture. It’s an approach that brings residents closer to the pristine nature of the Kasauli Hills, while presenting them with every luxury. This exclusive gated community has been designed by the world’s leading experts in sustainable architecture, Llewelyn Davies Yeang. Located on a high promontory, Myst blends contemporary design seamlessly with the area’s unique ecology. Expansive mountain views, indigenous plants, clean air and cascading streams of water become a part of the living experience, adding a new dimension to luxury living. The result isn’t just architecturally accomplished – it’s a way of living in harmony with natural beauty that is both pleasurable and sustainable. Never before has luxury been more sensitive in it’s approach and more evolved in the statement it makes about those who choose to live here.

Myst blends traditional hilltop village design with modern concepts to create a unique master plan that makes water, greenery and the hillside landscape a part of the living experience. The development is built around 3 cascading rivulets that run from temple pavilion to ponds all over the property. Parks planted with the trees and flowers of the region create sheltered pockets for people to sit and enjoy nature. With lush greenery, open views and the lilt of flowing water, the atmosphere is positively uplifting. At the heart of the development is the clubhouse courtyard flanked by low-rise pavilions which house an indoor spa, outdoor swimming pools, a gym, a multi-purpose hall and a restaurant.

Biophilic design permeates deep into the creation of Myst residences to convey the experience of living closer to nature. Bright and airy living spaces boast large balconies and extra large windows to take in the spectacular views of the hills. Double-height green walls in the shower area of select residences soothe and refresh the spirit. Select residences even have a gallery from which to observe the area’s unique birds and butterflies while you paint or read. With fireplaces, Jacuzzis and glass sided infinity pools, Myst residences present every luxury, while bringing you back to nature. Available floor plans range from double-level 2 bedroom residences, to 5 bedroom multi-level villas.

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Unique features of select residences:

  • Master bathroom with double-height green wall
  • Master bedroom with views of the valley
  • Infinity pool
  • Open plan kitchen, dining and living room with large sun deck
  • Living room with fireplace, attached kitchenette and powder room
  • Large entertainment area that opens onto the pool deck
  • Gallery for bird watching, painting or other hobbies


  • Grand entrance pavilions with lotus pond
  • Water wall and temple complex
  • 3 Water cascades with linear gardens
  • Grand Clubhouse with:
    • Full sized swimming pool
    • Outdoor plunge pool with views of the surrounding hills
    • State-of-the-art gymnasium
    • Squash court
    • Restaurant and Lounge
    • Terraced gardens
    • Nature areas, butterfly garden, and bio-diversity garden
    • Rock climbing
    • 3 Staging ponds with seating pergolas
    • Moonlight night garden

Eco-design features

  • Green living roofs
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Non-intrusive lighting that doesn’t disturb wildlife
  • Bird habitats
  • Bio-swale drainage system
  • Conservation of top soil

Site Plan

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Photo Gallery

Myst is located in the foothills of the Himalayas near Kasauli, 5,500 feet above sea-level. It is about 65 kms from Chandigarh airport.